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   The paintings shown here are my expression of Bodhicitta manifestations. These come from my heart, from my inner meditations and hopefully will express to you the feelings of serenity, of insight, to inspire a state of heart and mind of compassion and devotion


A definition of bodhicitta


In Buddhism, bodhicitta is the wish to attain complete enlightenment (that is, Buddhahood) in order to be of benefit to all sentient beings trapped in cyclic existence (samsāra) who have not yet reached Buddhahood (specific scriptural references needed). One who has bodhicitta as the primary motivation for all of his or her activities is called a bodhisattva. Bodhicitta also means the aim to, on the one hand, bring happiness to all sentient beings, and on the other, to relieve them of suffering; this definition is consistent with the definition of seeking enlightenment, as enlightenment is the freedom from samsara.


My visions are intended to capture the compassionate mission embodied in traditional Buddhist forms and iconography and transform them in a living personal contemporary expression.




 And there will grow a Lotus Flower”*


The new paintings shown in this exhibition come from my heart, from my inner meditations and hopefully will express and stir within you feelings of harmony, serenity, and compassion.

My inspiration is loosely based on the lotus flower that traditionally symbolizes birth and eternal regeneration. The lotus flower is often used to express that life’s obstacles, pains and attachments obscure the spontaneous inner spirit that transforms suffering into wisdom and insight.

According to a Buddhist Sutra, the inner spirit of each of us is spotless, like the new lotus in the muddy water that does not adhere to it. From within our daily turmoil, in the midst of our own ‘muddy water’ there lives a pure place.

I humbly hope I have expressed this to a small degree in these paintings.

I want to thank the many teachers and supporters who have helped me along the way on my journey to this country and to this exhibition.

Dongwang Xin , Runwen GUO,  Lei Chang, Chris Phelan ,Angela Lam(Dib gallery),USWTV......

Please enjoy the exhibition

Jianxia Liu,

June 10th, 2011



past: (刚过去的)9/9--10/7----2011:   Jianxia Liu solo Exhibition

of Modern Buddhist ArtChinese American Arts Council
456 Broadway, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10013




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New York, NY 10013


past: (刚过去的)7/7/--9/3/2011:Jianxia Liu solo Exhibition

of Modern Buddhist Art:


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